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New Trailer out now for Crowd Funding “6000 Year Old Health Secrets”

Our Indiegogo campaign has just ended.

With 75% funded, we are still offering some amazing Perks.

You can help our short fall by Pre-ordering the DVD “6000 Year Old Health Secrets”.

Please note the Documentary will not be shown on You-Tube and will be produced in 2016..

Pre-Order now – “6000 Year Old Health Secrets” DVD.

Please note the “6000 Year Old Health Secrets” DVD is a Pre-order .

The production will take place in June 2016 and should be ready for distribution June 2016.

Please do not email us saying where is the DVD?

If you would like to help us with our 25% short fall in funds, then this is the way Pre-order now.


We will also be sending you our Campaign Bumper stickers, “FREE” with all orders.

Order Perk 1.

DVD 6000 Year Old Health Secrets + Powermind Subliminal 3 for Windows & Mac comes with 8 free-ebooks


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If you would like a presence in the new documentary or to promote your health product or new development company in alternative health , or you have some break through product.


Crowd Funding-:

We are going to try and crowd fund this project in the next few weeks, to make it available worldwide and on DVD and in many languages using subtitles.

This is a big jump from you tube to DVD and the costs are phenomenal.

The 6000 Year Old health secrets will be presented in A and B part series. (2 Discs)

Part A will be about “Health” and Part B will be “Spirituality”.

This documentary is not to be missed, a very powerful, thought provocative series that will answer a lot of questions that you might have
been seeking but unable to find.

The Answers will be given to you on a silver Plate in more detail and the sources will be referenced in even greater detail on the website.


he documentary will be like no other, straight to the point, honest and reliable, sourced at the highest level of the knowledge pyramid.

Some Crowd funding Enticements-

“6000 Year Old Secrets” DVD (2 Disc Set).


PowerMind-Subliminal 3, Software + 8 E-Books

David Alan Ritchie’s “WE THE SKYTHIANS”  Pdf.

Click here for more details

T-Shirts and much more…….


Help Spread the Word Through –


and other Social Media.

List of Subjects Covered –


Subjects listed are not in any particular order.

Hidden Disks similar to the one pictured above, confirmed by sources, that holds the “Secrets to the Universe”

  • Sacred Universal laws.
  • The Matrix.
  • Reincarnation.
Similar to the CDT Plates pictured above-

There have been many discoveries of these similar disks and plates , although many claim that they are alien in origin.

They are not!

These folks wish to hide our true history and past to suit their own personal agenda.
  • Invisible Laws” that work in this reality guaranteed”-
  • Understanding the Human Body?”-
  • How to survive the culling?
  • There is a secret depopulation agenda going on code named?

Our Journey Begins –

Life, Death, Reincarnation, and Souls explained in detail-

Introduction Video

The Kundalini-

The Chakras-

The Royal Secret-

Meditation is the salvation of the soul – How to meditate?

Reaching Heaven-

Chi Energy-

The cures are not in foods, herbs or nature, they are the second line of defence…

The Real cures are in the Frequencies.

The Full Restoration of Health to you and your family –

The full body EMERGENCY cleanse-

  • The 7 Day Initial Starvation-
  • Toxins stored in the fat-

Bible Secrets Decoded-

Allegories Decoded –

The Black Sun Revealed-

Magic Revealed –

  • The 33rd King of the Mountain and Telepathy-
  • Chelation therapy-
  • The Natural Body Cycles-
  • Moral energy is the key to success, understanding,
    performing and happiness in life-




  • Water Treatments-
  • Why Diets won’t work?
  • Keeping Your Doctor away-
  • Rewiring your brain-
  • Healing with Alternative Medicines-
  • Astral parasites-
  • Mojo spirits-
  • Causality- Cause and Effect-
  • What goes around comes AROUND!
  • Repetitive number trips-
  • Cymatics-
  • Electromagnetics in Nature
  • Cymatherapy
  • Gmo-


  • Anti-Aging Technologies-
  • Balding Men & Women-
  • Remineralisation of Bones and Teeth- All proteins needed, are being extracted from the air you breathe – from nitrogen present and the last accounts by an average, to up about 112 grams per day.




  • CITRIC ACID (E330) Deadly….
  • Turns you basically into a non-brainer as synthetic citric acid disrupt the delicate mechanisms of the communication in brain-
  • The Poison Billion dollar Drink everyone drinks 2-3 times a day Revealed. Touted as an Antioxidant-
  • Vaccinations-
  • Hemp-
  • The Antioxidant Scam-


  • Thyroid health-



  • Avoiding bowl cancer –
  • The art of cleaning your ass not adopted in the western world-
  • Masturbation and sexual fetishes that are killing you.


  • Human Energy Fields-
  • The Best 2 oils in the world?
  • Preventing strokes, heart attacks and cleaning your veins-
  • The secret of Water-





  • They switched the wheat on us –
  • The sun-
  • Antibacterial Foods and herbs-
  • Antiviral list-
  • Alzheimer’s disease/ dementia-
  • Diabetes-
  • Asthma-
  • Modern technology-
  • Frequency, DNA and the Human Body-
  • Hypersensitivity-
  • & MUCH MORE ……………………

VMAT 2 – The God Gene-

  • Photon Therapy-
  • Micro Pulse-
  • The Exist Program-
  • Orbs and Light Helpers (There is Proof they exist) –

The phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges (Kirlian photography)-

To Cook or not to Cook? (Kirlian photography)-

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